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Worlding Public Cultures

This publication series aims to investigate the global dimensions of contemporary public culture through the concept of ‘worlding’, an understanding of the world generated through continuous processes of world-making. The deployment of ‘worlding’ in this series builds on the postcolonial project of critiquing universalized Eurocentric frameworks, and is committed to a radical ontology of openness and relationality. Going beyond current top-down models of inclusion, diversity, and other representations of the global, ‘worlding’ critiques radical alterity in favour of a pluriversality attendant to entanglements, difficult histories, and power relations. It grounds the global within local and transculturally/transnationally intertwined worlds, and foregrounds the possibility of continuously making and re-making new worlds through cultural production.

The publication series takes as its starting point ‘Worlding Public Cultures: The Arts and Social Innovation’ (WPC), a collaborative research project and transnational platform conceived by the Transnational and Transcultural Arts and Culture Exchange (TrACE) network in 2018.

WPC is funded by the Trans-Atlantic Platform for the Social Sciences and Humanities (T-AP) through a collaboration between the following granting agencies:

  • Dutch Research Council (NWO), Netherlands
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), UK
  • Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)/ DLR Project Management Agency, Germany
  • Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQSC), Canada
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Canada

The WPC publication series is produced through the generous funding of ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry, BMBF, NWO, SSHRC, and the National Museum of World Cultures, Netherlands.

Book Series

ISSN (Print) 2939-9211
ISSN (Online) 2939-922X
DOI: 10.25620/wpc-print
DOI: 10.25620/wpc-online

Series Editor

  • Ming Tiampo

Managing Editor

  • Eva Bentcheva

Assistant Managing Editor

  • Kelley Tialiou / Franziska Kaun

Copy Editor

  • Francesca Simkin

Editorial Board

  • Eva Bentcheva
  • May Chew
  • Chiara de Cesari
  • Birgit Hopfener
  • Paul Goodwin
  • Alice Ming Wai Jim
  • Monica Juneja
  • Franziska Koch
  • Wayne Modest
  • Miriam Oesterreich
  • Edith-Anne Pageot
  • Ming Tiampo
  • Maribel Hildago Urbaneja
  • Toshio Watanabe


Publications of ICI Berlin Press are generally available open access via the press site at press.ici-berlin.org in html, pdf, and epub formats.

Print versions should be available world-wide through local bookstores and various online platforms, but if you have any problems ordering them, please contact us at publishing@ici-berlin.org.


Troubling Public Cultures: Case Studies

These single and collaboratively-authored Case Studies explore ‘worlding’ in different regional, temporal, thematic, institutional, and practice-related contexts.

Worlding Concepts

Worlding Concepts serves as a lexicon of key terminology discussed and developed throughout the WPC project.

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These edited volumes present contributions and discussions from WPC academies and assemblies.

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Companions for Thinking and Doing

Companions distil the theoretical insights of the WPC project to provide practice-based reflections, proposals, and questions.

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