ICI Berlin Press is an independent, non-profit publisher exploring the possibilities of a hybrid publishing model: OpenAccess electronic books with a print-on-demand option and the international distribution this model affords. Not bound by the protocols of conventional publishing nor the disciplinary boundaries of academic scholarship, it promotes radical lines of questioning, diverse voices, novel approaches.

Founded in 2019, the Press draws inspiration from but does not limit itself to the ongoing research projects of the ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry.

Cultural Inquiry

The series ‘Cultural Inquiry’ is dedicated to exploring how diverse cultures can be brought into fruitful rather than pernicious confrontation.

Worlding Public Cultures

The series ‘Worlding Public Cultures’ aims to investigate the global dimensions of contemporary culture through the concept of ‘worlding’, an understanding of the world generated through continuous processes of world-making.

Hot Off the Press!

Analays Alvarez Hernandez

Climbing Aboard

Havana’s apartment-galleries have been vital venues for the city’s art scene since the 1990s, hosting art exhibitions, workshops, and conferences. In the context of Cuba’s limited art market and dearth of cultural institutions with international reach, these residential spaces have offered artists a unique opportunity to display their work and to connect with international art circuits. Focusing on the histories of three specific apartment-galleries — El Apartamento, Estudio Figueroa-Vives, and Avecez Art Space — this chapbook reflects on the complex interplay of the local and the global in the ‘worlding’ of cultural institutions.

Elena Lombardi

Ulysses, Dante, and Other Stories

Ulysses, Dante, and Other Stories presents a unique form of creative scholarship. It employs Dante’s late medieval take on Ulysses and his tragic pursuit of ‘virtue and knowledge’ as a prism that refracts an ancient myth of journey and return into a modern story of discovery and nostalgia. Working notes, fragments from Ulysses’ many stories, personal memories, illuminations, and rewritings combine to form a new chain of narratives about the desire to create, the art of travelling, and the will of self-reinvention.


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