We would like to thank the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for their generous financial support, without which this book would not be possible. We thank the devoted editorial team from the ICI Berlin Press, Christoph Holzhey and Claudia Peppel, as well as our most diligent proofreader Lindsay Parkhowell, who revised all the texts included in this volume. We thank Baptiste Gasset for the translation of Chapter 3, Nicolas Allen for Chapter 4, and Ron Faust for Chapter 17.

We thank the ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry, the Centre Marc Bloch (CMB), the Institute for Philosophy at the Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin), the Centre for Interdisciplinary Women’s and Gender Studies (ZIFG) of the Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) for their institutional support, which allowed us to organize the conference Materialism and Politics in April 2019.

Finally, we warmly thank all those who have been with us in the discussions held at our informal colloquium Materialism and Politics in Berlin (2018–2020).

The Editors